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On the night of January 1st, 2020, in the faraway land of Austin, Texas, a Magevet alto on her first winter tour walked into what she hoped would be a welcoming and exciting homestay experience. That alto, Miriam Kopyto, was in for a surprise. Upon entering the home, Miriam discovered not a welcoming family, happy to offer their home and hospitality, but rather found that the entire house was filled solely with collectibles. Statues, antiques, fake dogs, and dolls galore surrounded the young magevite, looming over her at night, seemingly shifting outside of her door, creaking the floorboards, emitting the ever quiet, but nonetheless present, and nonetheless chilling, grotesque gasps of the inanimate brought to life only for this life to be taken away once again. Indeed, every dawn, Miriam would find the dolls back in their original spots with the same, half-living, half-empty looks in their eyes. Nobody knows what happened to Miriam in that homestay. Some say it wasn’t Miriam at all that joined Magevet for the rest of winter tour. At the very least, she emerged sick and with a fever, taking the rest of tour simply to recover from her illness. 

Regardless of whether Magevet left Texas with same Miriam Kopyto as the one with which they arrived, they’ve enjoyed every moment with this talented alto. Hailing from Woodmere, NY, Miriam is a ubiquitous and always welcomed presence at Yale’s Slifka center for Jewish life, spreading her contagious sense of humor and endless chemistry knowledge to all who enter. Unfortunately for those who enjoy her company, Miriam is threatened not only by collections of artisan dolls from northern Mexico, but is currently under the even greater threat of the Yale Pre-Med track. Nevertheless, Miriam finds the time to bring her valued sound, energy, friendship to her peers in Magevet.

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