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When we’re not in New Haven serenading the Yale community, Magevet tours the United States and the world sharing our unique approach to Jewish music. During the academic year, we perform throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic region, and during school breaks we travel to more distant Jewish communities. Past international tour destinations have included Argentina, Chile, South Africa, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Israel, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Magevet travels the United States too — we have toured to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Houston, Phoenix, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Birmingham, Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis, Ann Arbor, and Florida, to name just a few destinations. 

This year we have tours planned to New York City in early January and to Australia in late May.

Magevet performances are flexible and can be tailored to suit your particular needs. We often perform at synagogues, Jewish community centers, and schools, but we have also been heard at venues as diverse as National Public Radio and the UAHC Biennial Convention. We welcome opportunities for all types and lengths of concerts. Our expansive repertoire allows us to perform for up to two hours, but concerts can run as short as fifteen minutes. We’re equally at home performing for intimate, interactive gatherings as well as formal stage appearances. Our Business Manager and Musical Director will work closely with you to customize a concert that best suits your community.

For example, our Shabbat concerts take advantage of Magevet’s diverse repertoire to enrich both the liturgical and communal aspects of Shabbat. Magevet frequently begins a synagogue’s Shabbat dinner with a medley of traditional Shalom Aleichem melodies, enhances services with our liturgical repertoire, and livens up a kiddush or oneg afterwards with a selection of world Jewish music and Israeli hits.

Formal Saturday evening concerts are a wonderful way to bring your community together for a musical culmination of Shabbat. We can lead Havdalah prayers, ending with our own arrangement of Eliyahu Hanavi, and then segue into a full-length concert for a memorable evening of entertainment.

Our Hebrew school concerts give students a fresh taste of the rich tradition of Jewish music. After performing an exciting concert for students and their parents, we love to run educational, interactive music workshops with small groups of students.​

If you are interested in booking a Magevet concert during the academic year or during one of our tours, or would like more information about our concerts, repertoire, and booking availability, please contact us.

“One of the things that brings me the most happiness in life is attending a Magevet concert.”

David Gordon, Stamford, CT

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