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Magevet strives to stretch the boundaries of what people think of as Jewish music, demonstrating the breadth and wealth of the Jewish musical tradition. Drawing from time-honored melodies as well as original arrangements, we perform a diverse repertoire that includes liturgical pieces, traditional Ladino and Yiddish melodies, contemporary Israeli pop songs, as well as selections from Jewish communities around the world. Our repertoire spans multiple genres, languages, and time periods, engaging audiences in the rich, varied history of the Jewish people through song. Finding new expression for familiar Jewish themes and anchoring diverse music in a common tradition, the sound of Magevet is undeniably exciting, unique, and memorable. 

Magevet has recorded ten studio albums to date. Our newest album, Afikei Mayim, is coming out in October, 2023. Several of our albums are available on iTunes and Spotify, and our CDs are also available to purchase online and in person after most performances.

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