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What Is Magevet?   מה זה מגבת

Founded in 1993, Magevet is one of the nation’s premiere Jewish a cappella singing groups. A coed ensemble composed of undergraduate students at Yale University, Magevet is known for its sweet blend of voices, unique arrangements, and lighthearted sense of humor.

​The group’s diverse repertoire spans modern Israeli pop and Renaissance choral pieces to Yiddish folk tunes and Zionist classics. The members of Magevet are equally diverse: engineers and historians, Jews and Gentiles, New Yorkers and Californians, all united by camaraderie and a love of singing.

Magevet is devoted to spreading Jewish music to the far corners of the globe and embarks on concert tours each year, in addition to regular performances throughout the Northeast. Recently, our tours have brought us all over the United States and Canada, as well as to Europe, Africa, South America, and Israel. In 2024, we will travel to Australia for the first time!

Magevet is, incidentally, the Hebrew word for “towel.” Our founding members are in near-complete disagreement about what inspired them to choose such an unusual name for an a cappella group, though many of their accounts involve a sauna.

We just released our newest album, Refuat HaNefesh, on all major streaming platforms! We invite you to listen, and hope you'll enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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