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Hailing from the great *state of Chicago (Glencoe, to be precise), Maddie Hahamy (pronounced “Cha-Cha-mee with a guttural “ch”) is ready to take on the world with her investigative journalism skills. 

When she was born, she immediately started reporting Napoleon Bonaparte’s usurpation and President Trump’s abuse of power, shocking everyone in the labor room. How she could have known the future will always remain unknown. But we do know that she will be the first to announce any Magevet member’s birth, breakup, engagement, wedding, and divorce.

Outside of Magevet, Maddie can be found rewatching Gilmore Girls for the 57th time, fighting sexism in academia, and tracing her Bukharian Jewish heritage in the historic Yale Daily News editing room. Being the one and only Bukharian Jew found outside of Queens, New York,
Madison Hahamy is a rare species that somehow still hasn’t made it into the IUCN Red List (if you happen to be the second one, please let her know).

Despite her truly invincible aura, Maddie does have one fatal weakness. It is said that her 5th grade geography teacher fell asleep during a world cuisine tasting field trip, resulting in the tragic incident of Maddie tasting peppers from every corner of the world ranging from 9.8-10 on the heat scale. To this day, Maddie still has a geographic tongue, (a.k.a. a global palette) that bristles at even the tiniest amount of spiciness.

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