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Jake Kalodner.jpeg


Is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt on a bicycle? Upon closer inspection, you will find that it is in fact “Other Other Jacob,” otherwise known as Jake Kalodner. If you see Jake cycling through Cross Campus while wearing his signature aviator jacket, be sure to get out of his way — he has probably overslept and is now on his way to math class, or, better yet, to Magevet rehearsal. When he’s not pressing snooze on his alarm clock or demonstrating his comedic prowess with his filet minyan, Jake enjoys impressing people with his knowledge of geography…specifically with the fact that Israel is the size of New Jersey. This fact never fails to shock at cocktail parties, especially when he follows it up with a lengthy debate about whether one can truly have a long-distance relationship in the Holy Land (he’s rightly skeptical). For all of these reasons and more, Magevet’s token DS major is an integral part of the group, and we are all lucky to be graced by his tremendous talent as a tenor.

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