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College: Davenport
Class: 2023
Hometown: El Paso, TX
​Voice Part: Bass

Hailing from the deep South of El Paso and bearing a thick drawl is our beloved bass singer, Daniel M. P. Edison III. If you couldn’t tell by his gallant mane (sorry, Jake), Daniel is a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist and composer. He plays the violin and guitar with masterful proficiency, but the piano is where his genuine passion lies; one need only pass by the maestro seated at the piano to experience his unfettered creativity bounding through the air. His musical artistry began at age 5 and led him through countless awards and recognitions.
Hardly are Daniel’s enthusiasms limited to music. He has a deep affinity toward the humanities, especially Russian literature, and a penchant for intense bouldering. His breathtaking documentary “Jacques Cousteau: Exploration and Encounter in the Undersea World” continues to astound critics, despite its devastating but understandable loss in a University of Texas competition to “The Bagel: Ethnic Encounter and Cultural Exchange.”

​With a wit as sharp as his, well...wit, he tallied 655 points in the National Quiz Bowl for Coronado high school. With that same wit, or perhaps while “testing” the beds as Assistant Warehouse Manager in Mattress Firm, Daniel’s thumbs “slipped” and he released a string of infamous tweets, including: “People who are afraid of dying alone should become bus drivers and drive off of a cliff.” “Everyone dies anyways so why should you be nice?” — though his endlessly jovial and neighborly demeanor says otherwise. So what’s left to say about Daniel Edison? Nada Enchilada!

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