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One day, you may be sitting in the same class as David, who is attentively staring at his computer, only to realize that he’s casually looking up international flights during class. David Liebowitz, also known as “Heshie,” may remind you of the Wright Brothers: bright, young, and fanatic about planes (and of course, other things). As a world traveler, David can predict the exact type of plane just by listening to the engine from the sky. Not just limited to planes, David can continue talking about automobiles for hours. 


These small facts about David don’t even cover a few of his interests. Let’s highlight the points that he’s exceptionally talented AND famous musically. Hitting 57k views on YouTube on the Fugue “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” David proved to the world that he is a phenomenal musician, piano student at the New England Conservatory prep, composer, pianist, and YouTuber. Besides being incredibly fluent in classical music, David shares his perfect pitch and tenor voice to the Jewish world on the Magevet stage as “Bob” in “Dodi Li”. 

Currently, Heshie is studying architecture and is involved with the Yale Piano Collective, Magevet, and the Glee Club outside of academics. If you want to look for Heshie after hearing about how awesome he is, you can find him in Silliman :)

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