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Hailing from the faraway lands of New Haven, Connecticut, Sophie Schonberger (not Schoenberger) emanates energy and positivity wherever she goes.


Legend has it that Sophie was born clutching an unlimited, prepaid gift card to the women’s fashion store Aritzia, which supposedly left her family and the nursing staff very confused. Though the origins of this fabled fable are mysteriously mysterious, its content checks out when Sophie can be observed browsing Aritzias during most free moments when Yale’s Jewish, Hebrew, and Israeli a cappella group is on the road. 


As Magevet’s resident (iced) coffee lover, Sophie brings her own metaphorical shot of caffeine to all happenings, performances and rehearsals alike; we couldn’t have hoped for anyone better to stand exactly in the middle of our concert arc arrangement. 


When not singing in Magevet rehearsal, Sophie can be found up on science hill, toiling over complex chemistry problems, or down at parties with her many friend groups.

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