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Hailing from Irvington, New York, Clara Montgomery chose to grace Magevet with her presence in her sophomore year. With a commanding voice, she quickly established herself as one of the top dogs of the soprano section. People whisper that Clara was able to bring a smile even to Ed Gelernt with her quick wit. They say that her voice is so powerful that during her audition, Yale had a 4.6 magnitude earthquake. They say that her talent is so great that she was able to perfectly sing “Yeish Ei Sham” after hearing it only once. When Clara is not busy balancing her time between her numerous commitments, discussing an obscure historical fact, or talking about her passion for Latin, she can be found in the Slifka dining hall. On top of all that, Clara is the living embodiment of a double-threat. Whether it be singing a beautiful melody or acting her heart out, when Clara is on the stage, be ready to smile. Truly none are more deserving of the title, “Luckier than Augustus, better than Trajan.”

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