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Shlomi Helfgot: Team Members


After 3 (yes 3) gap years, Shlomi Helfgot’s beautiful tenor voice has finally arrived on campus. Hailing from the Holy City of Teaneck, New Jersey (although don’t ask him about it), Shlomi spent most of his childhood with his head in a book. So many books in fact that he has amassed a collection of more than 600. In college, not much has changed. He can often be found in the Judaic Studies Reading Room pouring over this week’s DS readings. And you can tell he’s one of those DS kids who does all the readings. 

Shlomi has won many Torah Bowls in his life. For those who don’t know, a Torah bowl is not something you eat out of, but it is a competition in which contestants are asked questions about the Bible and various other Jewish subjects. In high school, Shlomi represented the United States in the International Torah Bowl in Israel. He has continued this tradition in college, coming in first place in the National Hillel Torah Bowl this year at Maryland. All this biblical knowledge will pay off, however, because he will be a full-fledged Rabbi by the time he is done with college. But don’t call him Rabbi Helfgot, because that’s his father.

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