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Noah Stein: Team Members


Hailing from Guilford, Connecticut, Noah Stein is considered by many scholars to be the “gentle giant” of the 21st century music world.

When Noah was born, his first wail registered as a perfect C5. This and following cries formed the backbone of his first composition: “Neonatal Needs”. From there, Noah began violin lessons at age 5 and composed several more pieces inspired by his toddler life, including “Frequent Feeds” and “Pity, I Peed”. As Noah grew, so did his musical abilities: in high school, his piece “Riparian Reeds” was selected as one of two high-school winners of the National Association for Music Education’s reed quintet 2020 Student Composers Competition.

When Noah isn’t composing amazing pieces or obsessing over The Sound of Music, he can be found eating clam chowder in Silliman’s dining hall, watching anime, or playing games. Noah especially enjoys playing League of Legends with the game settings in Chinese, as he is multilingual in addition to all of his other impressive talents.

Noah once said, “Music is everywhere, so if you don’t love it, that’s fine, but everything becomes much more enjoyable if you do!” Just as music makes everything more enjoyable, his presence makes Magevet a better, more beautiful place. Here’s to four years of singing together!

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