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Maya Li: Team Members


Maya Li, hailing from the great state of Florida, is such a tough cookie, your Pokemon Go team would be incomplete without her. And by tough cookie, I mean that she’s the biggest theatre kid ever – even though she might not like to admit it. That said, her undying love for Newsies makes it hard to keep her theatre kid status under wraps. So far, she’s involved with Yale Dramatic Association (Dramat for short) and stage manages in her capacity there! *psst Maya, you’re not hiding this very well* If anything, it's easier to tell that she can stretch the upper bounds of what we conceive of as the range of a typical soprano!

Her taste in interior design is actually quite immaculate. She draws her influence from her time working at Panera Bread and as such, you will find ginormous menus posted in her current college residence. She also, with the love and support of her suitemates, has included in the design of her suite a test. Aware that sometimes people round up with the heights they relay when asked, there is a marker for the heights of people that visit the suite. Like a true scientist, she’s careful with her data collection and has the creative know-how to implement her experiments in a really cute way! Speaking of cute, she has two dogs named Boba and Buttercup! Alongside her pikachu jacket, is it any surprise that her favourite colour is yellow?!

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