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Lia Solomon: Team Members


Lia Solomon is the first, the best, and the only member of Magevet’s 2020 tap class. Hailing from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Lia spent her childhood making waves in her Modern Orthodox high school, SAR in Riverdale. She then moved on to the esteemed Stella K. Abraham Beit Midrash for Women (commonly known as Migdal Oz), where she developed a mastery of the entire Rabbinic tradition. In her first year at Yale, Lia acquired proficiency in the whole of the Western Canon through the Directed Studies program. Still unsatisfied, Lia has gone on to set her sights upon new worlds of knowledge, including but not limited to the Arabic language and Rocks.

It is commonly noted across campus that Lia is, in the Talmudic sense, BOTH a plastered cistern and an ever-flowing brook. (Did someone say brook?? Saybrook. That’s the joke.)

On the Magevet stage, Lia’s talents remain multi-faceted. Not only does she exhibit a control of the upper-range not seen since the likes of Serach bat Asher, she wields the ability to make a crowd cry tears of adoration with even a simple introduction to Shalom Aleichem. Furthermore, scientists estimate that Lia is responsible for some 98.7% of all rehearsal-morale-height (ever).

When not belting out a wide repertoire of Jewish, Hebrew, and Israeli melodies, Lia can be found holding together Yale’s Jewish community as a YIHY Gabbai and Hillel Student Board career politician. Whether you’re looking for someone to sway emphatically throughout Va’ani, to bring peace to the Middle East, to offer cherished camp memories or to brighten up a room with only a smile, there’s no two ways about it—Lia Solomon is your gal.

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