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Ikenna Maduno: Team Members


Ikenna Maduno, from the far away county of Los Angeles, California, is a lovely person whose enthusiasm for hugs both sweetly gentle and fiercely bearlike is irresistibly endearing. Their dulcet bass voice embodies this perfectly, ranging from soft and subtle to powerful and bold, and is always charmingly evocative. One always feels confident and well supported while singing with them.

On top of keeping kosher, Ikenna is vegan, limiting their dietary options even further. It’s a wonder they can find food at all! Perhaps they find a sort of freedom in the restriction, or a sense of cleanliness or purity. Whatever it is, they manage to thrive seemingly effortlessly and even enjoy cooking their own food. 

Ikenna is majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, a harrowing but rewarding quest. When not fearlessly researching in the labs of Yale, Ikenna can be randomly encountered on the streets of New Haven zooming by as they flex their longboarding skills. Ikenna also “enjoys a good tussle with the wrestling team,” which may be related to their affinity for hugs, though Magevet’s philosophers still debate which came first between wrestling and embracing. Whether you’re in their arms, enjoying their voice, or both at the same time (lucky you!), Ikenna’s presence is comforting and warm, like a blanket for the soul.

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