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Hemakshi Gordy: Team Members


Hemakshi Miriam Pande Gordy, hailing from Takoma Park, Maryland, is a communicative artist, a renderer of the sublime, and a wickedly talented visual craftswoman. Legend holds that she was born with expert level Final Cut Pro skills and filmed her first remix of Elmo’s Alphabet song at a precocious age; her short film on climate injustice in DC is at least the funniest thing to hit CSPAN since Ted Cruz read Green Eggs and Ham on live tv.

Quite apart from these legendary feats of supreme artistry but nearly as mind-bending is the fact that Hemakshi manages to find time to stage-manage, maintain her strong ties to her Desi and Jewish roots, pursue her passion for making meaningful documentary and be a vocal part of the wonderful Alto section in Magevet.

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