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Eric Risch, residing in the faraway land of Fairfield, Connecticut, is Magevet’s first, best, and only member who is still a toddler. That’s right: although Eric may tower over you when he speaks and can reach the lowest of lows with his rich, sultry timbre, he is actually a child trapped in the body of a college student. After all, only a child would have an immune system weak enough to be downed by a meager exposure to the flu virus during his first Magevet tour. Only a child would throw Nestlé Crunch bars at members who are unfortunate enough to be within the chocolate’s trajectory (Josh would like everyone to know that “he left a mark”), call people “poopyheads” at the slightest provocation, and miss the books of the good old days so much so that he registered for a course entitled “Literature for Young People.” 
Eric did not do Directed Studies because he doesn’t hate himself (this is a cry for help), but he is fascinated by history and the humanities in general: if you mention The Western Canon™ in his vicinity, you will not be leaving until the merits of the texts have been sufficiently discussed. You can find Eric on the top floor of Slifka, or the bottom, or the middle, or the one above that. But definitely one of the four (catch Eric trying to transfer to Slifka College next year because “Trumbull is too far away”).
So, if you ever see a Crunch bar whizzing through the air, make sure to brave the onslaught of candy and say hi to Eric: it’s definitely worth the danger.

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