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Ella Lubell is Norwich, Vermont’s gift to Yale. You’ll have difficulty finding somebody more dedicated to the humanities than Ella. Even at Yale, known for its directed studies program of the great books, she stands out and she wrestles even with the greats by introducing her own strand of philosophy, known as “Lubellian Philosophy.”

If you have questions about what that is or about anything that falls within the realm of the humanities, she will kindly answer in an eloquent manner. Or perhaps you can find answers on her YouTube channel ( which has 6,666 views and in which she already has explained topics from philosophy to history. The description of her channel reads, “There are so many interesting things to know about the world. Let’s talk about a few of them and have some fun along the way…” We look forward to seeing her upload more content on her channel soon!

Maybe your exploration of her channel reveals her more dramatic side and you wish to know more. You can probably ask and she will give you a passionate recital of poems from T.S. Eliot or maybe lines from one of the many characters she has played in countless productions. Be sure to catch her in the “Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights,” or in several other Yale plays.

What of her musicality? As a member of Magevet, Ella has surprised everyone with her wholehearted dedication to the music we sing and the various cultures and denominations Magevet represents. It is a privilege to have such a talented person as part of the group.

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