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Akiva Weinberger is “no ordinary kid, according to his mom Naomi Weinberger, who bragged — deservedly so! — that when Akiva was 8 years old, he took the Scholastic Aptitude Test and scored an 800 on the math part.” As you may be able to tell from that quote, Akiva is somewhat of a math enthusiast. With a mind sharp as knives, a passion for Pythagoras and regular posts to, Akiva is set to become our world’s next great Math Guy ™.

But don’t think that Math is all Akiva is. With his hiking boots and brilliant poker-faced joke delivery, Akiva’s interests range far and wide: from Quora to Japanese! You can spot him at a Magevet concert dancing intensely to Ysusum or vying for a spot as a Soprano, stepping in when the rest can’t hit the first high G in Galician.

​Do not take Akiva Weinberg for granted, because this kid is a gem like no other.

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